Startup Weekend Phnom Penh Fintech Edition

What is a Startup Weekend?

The purpose of a Startup Weekend is to help everyone who possesses a business idea to build a startup in 54hours. Building a startup is not only about having an idea, it is also about having a strong team and getting advice to make your project more achievable.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same model. Everyone is welcome to pitch a startup idea on a Friday night to receive feedbacks from peers. After this, teams are built around the most viable concepts picked in the participant ideas.

The Saturday and the Sunday are spent on the validation of the idea. In order to do so, teams will have to speak to the users, to build a solid business plan and to design prototypes. They will receive help from experienced coaches and mentors.

The Sunday will also be the presentation day for the different products. They will expose their projects in front of local entrepreneurial judges and get valuable and critical feedbacks from them.

Why a FinTech Edition?

As the fastest growing sector in Cambodia is the Financial Services industry, the 2017 Startup Weekend will focus on FinTech.

Fintech describes businesses that enable financial services and systems to be more efficient and effective by making use of technology such as computing, the internet, and mobile. Financial services include, but are not limited to, money transfer, lending, raising capital, accounting, investing, asset management, payment, and cyber security.

This year, the Startup Weekend will really bring you the opportunity to be innovative and to shape the future of financial services in Cambodia.

Why should you join?

So if you want to join the adventure and have an idea to improve the Financial Services industry, come along!

You do not necessarily have to possess ideas related to fintech to join the event, you can join a team and help to develop an idea that has been presented. There will be a pre-startup weekend meetup to learn more before the event.

Moreover, you can be a developer, a designer or a business people because the point of the event is not only about having people from financial and banking sector working together but anyone that can bring up a new perspective on the matter.

If you are interested and want to know more, have a closer look at this article concerning the Cambodian Fintech scene. Concerning the event, you can already register there, go ahead!