Startup Party #5

    Friday the 13th January 2017 is the next event you must note in your calendar : the 5th Startup Party !

As a new year begins, it is soon time for the startup community to gather again at Emerald Hub. It will be the right time to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas !

In order to do so, we will meet old and new friends with a nice and friendly networking session. However a Startup Party is also about having people talking about their projects, their businesses and everyone will have the opportunity to speak out with a 1minute TalentShow.

For some startups, it will be also a serious time since they will pitch in front of the audience, composed of students, fellow entrepreneurs, mentors but also potential investors.

But a party is not a party if we do not share some fun together ! That is after the pitch session, talks, snacks, laughs, and games will be more than welcome to invade the Hub again.

We are looking forward to see you at 5.30pm on the 13th January at the Hub ! You can already register by going there !

Date: 2017-01-13 17:30:00