Snadai Seavpove Khmer (SSK)

This new project, launched by Yourngchantreara Sao and two fellow co-founders a few months ago, as a part of the EPIC program, aims at promoting khmer books. The dream is to offer every type of books and to be able to satisfy every customer.

It won’t be an e-book platform for now, and SSK will focus on selling physical books for its beginning. The website will be an intermediate between the author and the customers. The customers will be able to find a summary and later on, reviews. The website is really used as a catalog to show the diversity of khmer literature and to promote it.

Moreover, SSK has for goal to be more than a catalog as it really wants to support the buyer through his reading.

If you like to read or if you want to give it a try, just go to the facebook page to have more advices or to the website to check out the catalog !