Smallworld Small Dinner

This Sunday, Smallworld team left Toul Kork and went to my place the all afternoon to prepare and share an amazing dinner. Two of my friends from France were visiting me and I was really happy to make them discover the people I was working with.

We’ve learnt how to prepare some Khmer dishes and French dishes together. We talked and laughed, we forgot about work this Sunday. I was really pleased to see my old French friends getting along so well with my new family from Cambodia.  

Cooking is caring, cooking is about learning patience. We split the tasks and pushed back the power limit of my apartment.

With a team full of chefs, we didn’t see the time go by. Well, everyone was hungry at some point but we fed everyone with a lot of different dishes and this was a wonderful time spent together.

My French friends really enjoyed the food and to meet “this dream team”.

Written by Morgane