Kumnit Creative

Kumnit Creative is a fresh startup launched in June 2016 by Kimthong Hak who previously created Kumnit educational website that features different areas such as business, science, and practical knowledge to be a wonderful resource for anybody.

Kumnit Creative’s mission is to guide startups, SMEs, and other various businesses in their transition from a traditional marketing strategy to a digital marketing orientated strategy, in order to increase their efficiency and adapt to nowadays market evolution. As a consultant, Kumnit Creative will help you with every aspect of digital marketing, from content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, design, web development, to branding strategy but also it can help you to build a digital marketing human resource for your company.

However, Kumnit Creative is not only about adopting or enhancing a digital marketing strategy, it is also a global business consultant that can provide you sustainable solution to optimize your business operations. Moreover, Kumnit Creative team believes that transmitting knowledge is the base of economic development, that is why the startup provides trainings about Facebook and social media marketing to everyone willing to acquire new valuable skills.

To know more about Kumnit Creative and its services, please have a look to their website or to their Facebook page.