Background and history

SmallWorld Cambodia was founded in December 2011 as a collaborative workspace by a group of progressive young Cambodians to pilot their business ideas in an affordable, friendly and open work environment. 

As Cambodia’s first homegrown startup community, SmallWorld provides a venue for aspiring business-minded youth to nurture and develop their own creative money-making ideas.

During the past five years, SmallWorld has worked side-by-side with emerging young business leaders, encouraging and providing support for success in fields of technology, software, tourism, B2B services, food services, publishing, advertising, fine arts and more. 

We actively seek out opportunities to fund the next great idea, always on the watch for new and innovative ways to provide incentives for committed leaders who are determined to build strong management teams. 

Through our physical space, along with training and mentorship programs, we’ve provided opportunities for well over fifty startup teams and successful local ventures including Amoogli, ArcHUB, ArrowDot, BookMeBus, CamWP, Chenla Media, Codingate, Moineer, Sky Architecture, Toursanak, and X design. 

The SmallWorld community of business startups is encouraged to work together, leveraging each other's strengths, while those with established success often give back through mentoring and capital investment.



Launched in February 2016, this online food delivery service is expanding day after day. The founder, Borima Chann, initially built this company in order to be able to enjoy drinking a coffee at his place. As Phnom Penh streets are crowded, he thought about people like him who would like to enjoy a good meal or a sweet drink without going out.With a large team, Nham24 is bringing to you your...


What a bigger challenge than to change the plastic use in Cambodia. Kai Kuramoto is trying to tackle this challenge by building his own startup. Cleanbodia was born in December 2015 and aims at selling biodegradable and compostable bags in Cambodia, in order to find an alternative to the plastic bags consumption in the country. Currently Cleanbodia sells bags in the eight biggest cities of...

Kumnit Creative

Kumnit Creative is a fresh startup launched in June 2016 by Kimthong Hak who previously created Kumnit educational website that features different areas such as business, science, and practical knowledge to be a wonderful resource for anybody.Kumnit Creative’s mission is to guide startups, SMEs, and other various businesses in their transition from a traditional marketing strategy to a digital...

Golden Properties Services

This young real estate business lead by Ms. Johney Phaneth has opened last year. Even though her business is still small, this woman wants to make her company work and grow. Golden Properties Services is more than just a real estate enterprise, it is the journey about a woman entrepreneur empowerment. Focusing on the service Golden Properties is providing to the clients, this real estate...

Snadai Seavpove Khmer (SSK)

This new project, launched by Yourngchantreara Sao and two fellow co-founders a few months ago, as a part of the EPIC program, aims at promoting khmer books. The dream is to offer every type of books and to be able to satisfy every customer.It won’t be an e-book platform for now, and SSK will focus on selling physical books for its beginning. The website will be an intermediate between the...

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